Pianos are among the most significant instruments in the music industry. There are only a few stores that deal with pianos. This is the leading one in the industry because it has built an undisputable reputation over the years. We provide a variety of piano solution services to our customers to ensure that they continue enjoying the best piano experience in their lifetime. We provide piano tuning services. We make technical adjustments to the strings to make sure they achieve the correct pitch and sound frequency when being played. You can learn more about piano tuning right here by clicking on the link.

We also handle minor piano repairs. Some of these repairs are fixing broken strings, shanks, hammers, flanges, springs and lubrication action. That will enable you to play your piano better and have a fantastic experience. We also handle piano rebuilding services. We can do a rework and fix the integrity of the structure. We are going to rebuild the piano action, pin block, dampers, harp/strings, and soundboard. Find out more on our piano rebuilding services right here and will be impressed by how things work for you. We also handle piano transportation. We make sure the piano is in good condition and that it faces no threats of being damaged while on transit.

Customers also come to us seeking premier support. That will include pitch raising. This is the process that is designed to elevate the frequency or the pitch of the sound, especially if care has been neglected on the piano for a long time. We fix that and restore the pitch of the piano to sound excellent again. We handle custom regulations. This is where we handle the maintenance of all internal structures of the piano. That will make your piano have a longer life and be durable. We also make technical adjustments to build the tone and voicing of your piano. We enhance the brightness and resonance of the piano.

We facilitate our clients when it comes to consignment and lease services. You can lease your piano today starting a dollar a day. That will help you teach your kid piano lessons every day at great convenience. Ensure that you schedule an appointment today with us, and we will discuss everything in detail on the legal procedures of leasing a piano. We also assist in consignment where you want to sell your piano. We do all the leg-work to ensure all provisions are in line with the deal you made when you want to sell the piano. Check out these piano stores in Houston how.

You can come to seek for piano consultation services. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry. It means we can assess the local market and do technical analysis in the market value of your piano and make comparisons to identify the best deal for you. If interested, you can book your appointment today, and we will gladly be waiting for you. We can provide measurable standards, preventive and maintenance suggestions on how best you can take care of your piano.